Martina Trchová & Trio

city chanson, blues

Martina Trchová – vocals, guitar
Patrik Henel – guitar, vocals
Radomír Polívka – double bass
Petr Chlouba – drums, percussion, accordian

Individual songs, an expressive voice, jazz and classic guitar, a soft double bass tone and varied rhythms, Martina Trchová & Trio play their own creations out of a strong generation of women songwriters (Z. Navarová, Radúza,…), the arrangement of the songs moves between the borders of jazz, blues, folk, latin, chanson. The lyrics map Prague’s peripheries, but also the depth of the human soul, fragile lyrical testimonies alternate with spitting hip-hop style lyrics. The band has released two albums in this formation: Takhle ve mně vyjou vlci (2010, Indies MG) a Holobyt (2016, Indies MG).


Martina Trchová (*1983) has been active on the Czech scene since she was 17. She has won several awards in national competitions for her own songs and in 2005 the record label Indies Records released her debut album Čerstvě natřeno. She collaborated with double bass player František Raba, accordian player Mário Bihári as well as guitarists Jan-Matěj Rak, Zdenek Vřešťál and Vít Sázavský on this first record. Singer and flute player Karolina Skalníková accompanied her for 10 years.

Patrik Henel (*1973) graduated from Milan Tesař’s guitar class at the Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory in Prague. He recorded two albums as part of a guitar duo with Jiří Reiterman, he was part of a renaissance music interpretative duo with singer Pavla Fendrichová and presented his own creations with singer Barbora Kouklíková. At the moment he is involved in a jazz music project with the composer Ivana Fitznerová (Ivana Fitznerová quintet) and classical music with Simon Draper and David Wurczel (Classis Guitar Band).

Radomír Polívka (*1974) taught himself double bass. He has moved through various genres in the band Musica Budula (folklore-jazz trio), Šantré a Lístek (folk), Ragamala (ambient improvised music).

Petr Chlouba (*1961) graduated from the drum section of the State Conservatory in Prague. He has collaborated with the ensemble Agon, with several symphonic orchestras, with free-jazz Trijo and with Original Prague Symphonic Orchestra. At the moment he is a member of the cult band Jablkoň..